Video Conference

  1. Please prepare 5 to 10 minutes video presentation (under 100 Mb in size) with either the following options:
    - Narrated presentation (PPT slides with both voice and webcam camera) OR
    - Narrated presentation (PPT slides with voice only; include the photo of presenter at the first page of PPT slides) OR
    - Any other creative methods of presentation
  2. File format of recorded video: MP4 No YouTube link allowed for the presentation
  3. File name of recorded video:
    - 3rdGCEE2021_presenter name.mp4
  4. In the first slide of the presentation, please add information as following
    - Title of manuscript
    - Name of authors, affiliations & affiliations logo
    - Photo of presenter
  5. No background music allowed
  6. Make PPT Slide Template from Committee
  7. Video file(s) is sent to Committee as instructed in email before 5 August 2021