Green construction education is urgently needed, since the rapid development of environmentally-sound technology was intensively used in early 21st century. The green or environmental-skilled engineering workers and professionals are nowadays highly needed in all industries. One of the keys to fulfill the needs is the vocational education that produces skilled workers and professionals. Injecting the environmental issues in vocational education becomes essential, as well as shaping the green competences and skills for engineering professionals.

Through green-vocational education programs, we aim to build the capacity of professionals in construction sector in the following ways:

  • Encourage leadership on green issues
  • Enhance knowledge about sustainability across the industry
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration in addressing green issues, and
  • Foster a perspective based on systems-thinking

By this conference, we are trying to provide professionals by giving them the exploratory experiences to develop and expand their technical/professional and educational skills which are necessary in the construction sectors.